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Podcast: Aaron Rodgers Decision Day?

Green Bay Packers v Miami Dolphins Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

Tuesday passed for the New York Jets without any sort of resolution to the Aaron Rodgers situation. Could that change on Wednesday? We will need to wait and see.

Rodgers is scheduled to appear on today’s broadcast of The Pat McAfee Show at 1:00 pm Eastern. Will he finally reveal his plans to the world?

At this point all signs point to the Hall of Fame quarterback joining the Jets. Additional evidence came on Tuesday in the form of Rodgers teammate Allen Lazard joining the Jets in free agency on a four year contract. One might presume Lazard would not have made the decision unless he had assurances Rodgers would be joining him. Then again, it might be best to not presume anything .

On today’s podcast we discuss the latest on Rodgers, Lazard, and other Jets offseason developments. Thanks as always for listening to and/or watching the show.