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CJ Mosley, John Franklin-Myers, and DJ Reed among Jets contract restructure candidates

Baltimore Ravens v New York Jets Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

The Jets are attempting to create cap space for a potential Super Bowl run with Aaron Rodgers at quarterback. The team is tight up against the cap and needs to make room to bring in big name players.

One avenue available to the Jets is restructuring big contracts. By converting base salary into signing bonus money, the Jets can create immediate cap space. Players will see their cap hits go up by a proportional amount in future seasons.

Per Rich Cimini the Jets have already reached out to three players with relatively large salaries.

If you expect a player to be with your team for a long time, a restructure doesn’t have an enormous impact. All it does is shift money around. I believe the Jets view all three players as part of their core. While I personally believe the Jets should try to get out of the Mosley contract, the coaching staff loves his play and his leadership.