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Potential Jets QB Target Derek Carr visiting the Saints

Las Vegas Raiders v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Gaelen Morse/Getty Images

There are two top tier quarterback targets who could be available on the trade market this offseason. One is Packers legend Aaron Rodgers. The second is Raiders signal caller Derek Carr.

The Raiders recently allowed Carr to begin speaking with other teams about his contract status. The quarterback will be in New Orleans on Wednesday for a formal visit with the Saints.

The Carr situation is unique. On February 15 around $40 million on Carr’s contract becomes guaranteed. The Raiders likely will want to either trade or release him before that comes due. Carr also has a no trade clause, further complicating things. Any team he is going to will need to give what he wants contractually, or he can veto the deal.

For their part there has been surprisingly little buzz about Jets interest. At this point it seems like the team’s focus is on Rodgers. Could that change? We should know within the next few days.