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Retired Wideout Chad Johnson argues Darrelle Revis is the best corner he ever faced

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Houston Texans Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

While speaking on ‘tight end-turned-ESPN personality’ Shannon Sharpe’s podcast, retired wide receiver Chad Johnson spoke at length about the play of retired New York Jets cornerback (and recent Jets Ring of Honor inductee) Darrelle Revis. While Johnson has previously identified Revis as the toughest matchup of his career (and does so again in this podcast), Johnson also speaks to what exactly made Revis so difficult to play against, several points which I found interesting and wanted to highlight.

  • In response to Shannon Sharpe’s question about the greatest corner that Johnson played against: (without hesitating) “Revis.”
  • On the Jets’ defense as a whole during Revis’ prime: “[Revis] was good. To make it worse, you had a great [defensive back] then you had a great defense on top of that... that front four with Rex Ryan, you had two seconds to throw the ball.”
  • On Revis’ patience: “This is what made me really mad, he never fell for the first move. He had the patience of Sallie Mae.”
  • On Revis’ technique: “He had this arm bar, so if you were going by then he put that arm bar out and he always got his head back around and he’d just feel wherever you are and he’s get back and see that ball right away. Great technique.”
  • On trying to get in Revis’ head: “Nothing flashy about him. He didn’t talk. That’s one of the things I tried to get him to do. I said ‘if I can get him to have a conversation with me then I know I could take him out of the game’ but he wouldn’t talk.”
  • On Revis’ standing among the all time greats: “He’s one of the greatest to ever do it so to lose to someone of that magnitude who was probably one of the greatest to ever lace them up is is is, I have no problems with it.”

Other highlights of the interview include a brief discussion on the differences between hall of fame cornerback Deon Sanders and Darrelle Revis as well as a discussion about Revis’ uniform choices. The full clip can be accessed here and is four minutes long, but I do want to give a mild ‘not safe for work’ disclaimer as Johnson does use some choice language within the interview.

But what do you think? Is Revis among the best to ever do it like Johnson says? And what else do you remember about Revis’s prime that stands out to you?

For younger Jets fans who missed the Revis era, I recommend watching the following five minute highlight clip and marveling in the greatness that was the 2009 era cornerback play of Darrelle Revis.