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What role might MetLife Stadium play in the New York Jets offensive struggles?

Is it tougher to catch footballs in MetLife Stadium?

NFL: New York Jets at New York Giants Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

To put it succinctly, the New York Jets offense is the worst I can remember watching. I don’t mean worst Jets offense either. I mean the absolute worst offense I can remember watching.

The biggest reason for that is the quality of the players. There is simply no getting around that. But even if that explains 95% of the struggles, that still leaves 5% left over. What might explain that leftover amount (whatever it is) of struggles.

Well, something that I hadn’t considered is that MetLife stadium might be part of the problem.

As it turns out, MetLife has one of the highest drop rates in the league, and it doesn’t seem to be an issue related to game timing either, as the passes get dropped at similar rates across early afternoon, late afternoon, and night games. While some of that is due to the quality of the Jets and Giants pass catchers, who likely just drop the ball more than other teams’ pass catchers do, that’s still a pretty big sample of games from other teams who do not have the replacement level pass catchers that MetLife’s home teams largely have.

If I had to guess, there must be something about the background colors of the stadium that makes it just a tick harder to pick the ball up than in other places like Minnesota. The NFL plays very fast, so maybe that extra few milliseconds is the difference in being able to adjust to the ball or not. Regardless of the reason, I just thought it was a cool data point so I figured I’d share it.