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Jets fan confidence remains low but little consensus on Robert Saleh or Joe Douglas

A split decision on whether the GM and head coach should be fired.

NFL: New York Jets OTA John Jones-USA TODAY Sports

Each week we ask Jets fans to fill out a survey. Then shortly before that week’s game, we bring you the results. The survey is called SB Nation Reacts.

It’s no surprise for a team on a four game losing streak, but confidence is not particularly high in the Jets’ direction as a franchise right now. The confidence rating has been persistently low over the last month, and that will not change without better football.

That 20 percent confidence rating is actually a slight uptick over where it has been the last few weeks. I would attribute the small increase to statistical noise over the possibility fans feel better about the team after the Black Friday game against the Dolphins.

Fans obviously aren't happy, but there is no consensus about what to do about it. We asked whether Joe Douglas, Robert Saleh, or both should be fired.

Firing both got the most votes but still fell under 40 percent. Another 12 percent said Douglas should be fired, while Saleh should keep his job.

Jets fans know they have a problem, but there is no uniform belief on how to fix it.

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