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2024 NFL Draft Order: Jets have 8th pick after Thursday Night Football loss to Browns

The Jets move up a slot in defeat

NFL: New York Jets at Cleveland Browns Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets kicked off Week 17 of the 2023 season with a loss to the Cleveland Browns on Thursday Night Football. The defeat temporarily moves the team ahead one slot in the NFL Draft order. The Jets entered Thursday holding the 9th slot in the 2024 NFL Draft. After the loss, the Jets pass the Chicago Bears for the 8th pick.

The Bears do currently hold the tiebreaker with an easier strength of schedule so they will pass the Jets if they lose this weekend and sport an identical 6-10 record. The Giants, Chargers, and Titans are all 5-10 so a win for any of them could drop them behind the Jets depending on how the rest of the Week 17 action affects their strength of schedule.

The full current NFL Draft order is below. Picks 19 through 32 will be determined by Playoff results.

  1. Chicago (from Carolina) 2-13
  2. Arizona 3-12
  3. Washington 4-11
  4. New England 4-11
  5. NY Giants 5-10
  6. LA Chargers 5-10
  7. Tennessee 5-10
  8. NY Jets 6-10
  9. Chicago 5-10
  10. Atlanta 7-8
  11. New Orleans 7-8
  12. Green Bay 7-8
  13. Las Vegas 7-8
  14. Denver 7-8
  15. Minnesota 7-8
  16. Arizona (from Houston) 8-7
  17. Pittsburgh 8-7
  18. Cincinnati 8-7