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Jets vs Browns Second Half Thread

The Jets go into the locker room trailing by 17 points

New York Jets v Cleveland Browns Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images

The first half of the New York Jets game against the Cleveland Browns is in the books, and the Jets are trailing the Browns, 34 - 17.

The Jets started the game on defense and saw the Browns march right down the field for a touchdown and a 7 - 0 lead on the opening drive.

The Jets then got the ball and immediately answered with a touchdown drive of their own to tie the score at 7 - 7. It was like we were living in Bizarro World. Trevor Siemian and Joe Flacco were leading less than fearsome offenses against two of the best defenses in the league, and somehow the offenses were dominating. You just never know what might transpire in an NFL game.

The Browns answered with another long touchdown drive as the Jets defense had no answer for Browns tight end David Njoku, who went over 100 receiving yards in the first quarter. The Browns missed the extra point to bring the score to 13 - 7 in favor of the Browns.

On the ensuing kickoff Israel Abanikanda made an ill-advised decision to return the kickoff at the 3 yard line. He fumbled and the Browns recovered. The Browns had the ball at the Jets 12 yard line, but the Jets defense made a great stand and forced the Browns to turn the ball over on downs.

Unfortunately for the Jets, Trevor Siemian then did what Trevor Siemian does best. He turned the ball over on a Pick 6 and the Browns took a 20 - 7 lead, still in the first quarter. It would be a surprise if the Jets offense is able to recover from here and win the game.

Early in the second quarter the Jets forced a David Njoku fumble as the game went back and forth in frantic action. Unfortunately, the Jets couldn’t get anything going on offense as the game gradually settled into the expected Browns’ defense dominating the Jets’ hapless offense.

Midway through the second quarter the Browns went on another long drive culminating in a touchdown pass to old friend Elijah Moore to make the score 27 - 7 in favor of the Browns. Joe Flacco and the Browns’ tight ends were humiliating the Jets defense in prime time, and at this point the game was all but over. The next 36+ minutes were likely to become extended garbage time.

Then something interesting happened. The next time the Browns had the ball Jermaine Johnson batted a Joe Flacco pass to himself, picked it off and ran into the end zone. The Jets had a little life as they whittled the Browns lead to 27 - 14 late in the first half.

That didn’t last long. The Browns scored on a long catch and run pass to Jerome Ford in what was a monstrous masterpiece of missed tackles by a Jets defense that looked increasingly like they had already begun the offseason. The Browns had a 34 - 14 lead.

The Jets tacked on a field goal to close out the half. They go into the locker room trailing the Browns by 17 points at 34 - 17.

Leave your comments for the second half below.