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What Should Woody Johnson Do Now?

Selling the New York Jets is not an option

NFL: New York Jets-Aaron Rodgers Press Conference Tom Horak-USA TODAY Sports

With the New York Jets getting trounced by the Miami Dolphins in a nationally televised game, does that spur Woody Johnson to make a regime change? It was only a few days prior to this game that the Los Angeles Chargers fired their head coach and general manager after a brutal Thursday night game. The Las Vegas Raiders put up 63 points, but at least the Chargers put up 21 points on offense, with a backup quarterback and missing their two best receivers and their best pass rusher for this game.

For the Jets to be humiliated 30-0 with the offense not coming close to scoring a point is pretty pathetic. The Dolphins were also without their best offensive player and possible MVP candidate in Tyreek Hill, yet they still easily put up 30 points on the Jets.

The Jets offensive line played their worst game of the season, which is saying something since they have been horrible all season. You can’t even blame this on the weather, since it was 75 degrees with bright sunshine. You can blame the quarterback situation all you want, but you can’t run an NFL offense behind this line. It is that dreadful. The Jets quarterbacks were at times taking the snap, then immediately running for their lives to escape the rush. Mekhi Becton was awful. He can’t continue to play as an offensive tackle. If the Jets keep Becton he would have to move inside at guard, where his girth would help, not hinder the offense.

Joe Douglas, on his first day with the Jets, said “This is a game of wills. And we’re going to try to build a team that can impose their will on other teams and to do that you have to be strong up front, not just on the offensive line but the defensive line.” No one put those words in Joe’s mouth. He said them at his opening news conference the day he was hired.

Joe got a six year guaranteed deal with complete control of the Jets operation. He stated that he had a “sense of urgency” to win right away and to build a team that dominates the line of scrimmage.

All that happened on June 7, 2019, which was 4 12 years ago. This Jets team is the result.

Joe even had time to set up his scouting department, since he was hired after the 2019 NFL draft. He had a year to self-scout his own team, while he also had a full year to scout the college players coming into the NFL in 2020.

Maybe we all should have been worried when it was said about Douglas, “This is Gase’s guy.” Of course, Joe fired Adam Gase a year and a half later on January 3, 2021. This was after Christopher Johnson called Gase a “brilliant offensive mind” at the start of the season, a season the Jets went 2-14. That statement alone just shows you the football competency of the team’s ownership.

I abhor the changing of the leadership positions on the Jets team. It will take time to bring in a new team, even then are you making the right move? Only time will tell, but do you really want to go through this rigmarole again?

It is too late in the season to bring in someone new. If the Jets do make a change, they should keep the current coaches while they search for a replacement general manager. This way the new general manager can have a chance to see a full season’s worth of work in order to decide who needs to be replaced and who should be kept going forward.

If you fire the general manager now you can start your search for a new general manager before other teams who will eventually make the same move. Also, the faster you find a replacement the sooner he can bring in scouts for the upcoming draft. Woody Johnson may again use an outside company to help find a replacement. The sooner he makes his decision the more time that group will have to bring in quality candidates.

The question is simple.

Do the Jets fire Joe Douglas and/or Robert Saleh or not?


What should Woody Johnson do?

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  • 12%
    1) Wait until the season ends to make a decision. Don’t change a thing.
    (117 votes)
  • 33%
    2) Fire Joe Douglas and Robert Saleh but keep Jeff Ulbrich as head coach
    (309 votes)
  • 9%
    3) Just fire Joe Douglas and keep the coaching staff
    (87 votes)
  • 44%
    4) Give the entire management team another year to work things out
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