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Final Score: Dolphins 30, Jets 0

Jets get destroyed by the Dolphins

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

In the New York Jets’ 14th game of the 2023 NFL season, in Miami, Florida, on a warm and windy afternoon, the Jets were crushed by the Miami Dolphins, 30 - 0.

The first half saw the Jets offense fall back to its backwards ways. Zach Wilson was repeatedly pressured and sacked, the Jets couldn’t get anything going on the ground, and Jets drives moved backwards as much as forwards. Nearly the entire half took place in Jets territory. By halftime the Dolphins had a 24 - 0 lead, Zach Wilson had been benched yet again, and the 2nd half was set up for 30 minutes of garbage time.

The Jets opened the 3rd quarter on offense and did nothing. A Dolphins field goal midway through the 3rd quarter made the score Dolphins 27, Jets 0. With Trevor Siemian in at quarterback a Gettysburg Address deficit was not something the Jets had any chance of overcoming. The Dolphins tacked on another field goal in the 4th quarter. The Jets never seriously threatened to score. And that was that. A dismal performance in another lost season.

With the loss the Jets bring their record to 5-9 on the season. Now the Jets prepare to go home and host the Washington Commanders next week as they play out the string and once again look forward to next season.