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Robert Saleh says Jets won’t bench Zach Wilson

Don’t expect a quarterback change in New York.

NFL: New York Jets at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

To say the Jets offense is struggling would be an understatement. The team has three touchdowns on offense in the last four games, and one of them was essentially handed to them by the Eagles.

Zach Wilson might not be the only problem, but it is impossible for the quarterback to escape scrutiny with offensive struggles to this degree. Are the Jets considering making a change? Head coach Robert Saleh says no.

Saleh also indicated that the Jets are unlikely to activate practice squad quarterback Trevor Siemian for the next game.

My thoughts on this are a bit nuanced.

I agree with Saleh that the offensive issues are a collective problem. Wilson might shoulder most of the blame, but this is a systemic issue. The entire offense is broken, not just the quarterback.

I don’t think the offensive issues being a collective problem is a good reason to stick with a quarterback. There are numerous issues, but the team should try to fix the issues it can fix. An inability to fix everything seems like a poor reason to do nothing.

For me the biggest question is whether the Jets can upgrade on Wilson at quarterback. The answer to that is not clear. Siemian and Tim Boyle seem like frankly terrible options. I think in general they aren’t more skilled players and might be downgrades. That said, it’s tough to do worse than the Jets are on offense right now so we might be fast reaching a point where a change for the sake of change should be considered.

In any event, I don’t think Saleh offered a particularly compelling defense of the team’s thought processes in a radio interview with Michael Kay.

This story isn’t going away until the offense picks it up or the Jets make a change.