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What is the implied probability the New York Jets beat the Los Angeles Chargers?

Can the Jets pull off another upset?

NFL: Chicago Bears at Los Angeles Chargers Jonathan Hui-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, the New York Jets will play the Los Angeles Chargers. While this is not an in-division game, it is arguably one of the most important the New York Jets will play this season due to the AFC’s current playoff seeding that places the Jets and Chargers as competing for one of the final wild card spots. In fact, as of the writing of this article at 11:15PM EST on Sunday night, the NYTimes playoff predictor places the Jets’ playoff odds at 38% if they win and only 17% if they lose.

Accordingly, the outcome of this game is of critical importance for the Jets... so what are their odds they actually pull it off? Well, as of 11:15PM EST on Sunday night, DraftKings Sportsbook has the Jets at a +150 money line, meaning you can bet $100 to win $150. Using this line, we can calculate the implied probability, which is 40% (based on DraftKings).

To me, 40% is a toss-up. That means this game is very winnable. Now the Jets just have to go win it.