New York Jets rooting guide - week 13

Tanking and playoff push models

Here is a handy guide you will print out and laminate. Take it with you through Monday night as you go about your daily adventures. Note: tie games are not included in the equations presented.

First we will begin with the playoff push guide where we root for teams to win or lose and assist the Jets into the playoffs.

The second guide will be our tank for (a WR, or OL, or QB?) in the upcoming draft and hope teams win (and a Jet loss) in order to push the Jets further down the standings.

Matters such as hating the Patriots or Dolphins has no say in this rooting guide. This is pure unemotional math shit.

jets for a playoff run

Almost at the bottom of the barrel, currently sitting 15th out of 16th in the AFC. Top 7 slots for playoff/glory bound clubs. If all goes well, Jets can move up to the 13th position. They would lose head-2-head tiebreaker to Raiders and lose common foe tiebreaker to Bengals (1-0 vs buff, jets 1-1 vs buff).


Meaningless -Seahawks 6-5 v Cowboys 8-3


Titans (4-7) over colts (6-5)

Pats (2-9) over chargers (4-7)

Meaningless - Lions (8-3) v Saints (5-6)

Cardinals (2-10) over Steelers (7-4)

Commanders (4-8) over dolphines (8-3)

Broncos (6-5) over texans (6-5) (toss up - jets have tiebreaker on Denver)

Meaningless Bucs (4-7) v Panthers (1-10)

Rams (5-6) over browns (7-4)

Meaningless 49ers (8-3) v Eagles (10-1)

Packers (5-6) over chiefs (8-3)


Jags (8-3) over bengals (5-6)

jets ready to tank

Seahawks over cowboys

Titans over colts

Chargers over pats

Saints over Lions

Cardinals over steelers

Commanders over dauphins

Broncos over Texans (toss-up)

Bucs over panthers

Rams over browns

Packers over chiefs

Bengals over jags

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