Has Any Jets GM Had a Worse Year than Joe Douglas's 2023?

I don't think that JD's overall tenure with the Jets has been worse than Maccagnan's. But I can't recall any Jets GM having a worse year than JD did this season. Consider what JD has done since the end of 2022:

  • Doesn't extend Mike White despite the need for an affordable, decent backup QB and the uncertainty of Zach's future. (If Zach looked bad in training camp, the Jets could have cut Zach and kept White. If Zach looked good, the Jets could have flipped White by the trade deadline. JD let White walk and got nothing.)

  • Failed to extend Bryce Huff

  • Failed to get Green Bay to agree upon a reasonable trade package (or at least framework) before Carr is off the market

  • Failed to make an offer to Derek Carr

  • Failed to sign a capable starting OL in FA, despite the obvious red flags of both Brown and Becton, the only two OTs on the roster who had proven capable of starting

  • Failed to pick up Becton's 5th year option, even though JD was counting on Becton to be a starting OT in a "Super Bowl or Bust" year

  • Downgraded WR4 from Berrios to Hardman *

  • Downgraded WR3 from Moore to Lazard despite paying an extra $9.5M AAV to fill the slot

  • Got caught with his pants down by WR2 Davis retiring, possibly motivated by efforts to force Davis to take a salary cut

  • Stupidly announced that Rodgers was coming to NY before the deal is done, handing Green Bay enormous negotiating leverage

  • Got fleeced in trade with Green Bay **

  • Wildly overpaid Cook, despite clear signs of decline, existing depth at RB, andremaining holes elsewhere on the roster (e.g. OL)

  • Made no move in response to Davis retirement

  • Did not upgrade WR at the trade deadline, despite the availability of several WRs who could have been had for Day 3 picks

  • Did not upgrade OL at the trade deadline, despite the availability of Ezra Cleveland and others, for Day 3 picks

  • Did not upgrade QB at the trade deadline

  • Did not sign available FAs (e.g. La'el Collins) after injuries strike OL
  • Downgraded WR at the trade deadline by sending Hardman back to KC for a 2025 6th for 7th pick swap, saving the Jets only $700k in the process
It has been nothing but failure after failure for JD in 2023. He had 3 signings that I would consider "plus": Quincy Williams, Morstead, and Zuerlein. Other than that? A bunch of guys who range from "meh" to "trash" on the contract that JD gave them.

* People routinely blame Rodgers for Lazard being on the roster, but JD signed Lazard before the Rodgers deal had occurred. Even if Rodgers liked Lazard, I can't possibly imagine that Rodgers' decision to come to NY hinged on whether Lazard was on the roster. If JD had scouted Lazard properly, he should have offered Lazard a take-it-or-leave-it deal in the range of $4M, plus incentives. Not $11M.

** Any competent GM should have been able to play hardball with Green Bay and force the Packers to take a modest draft package. Green Bay would have been totally screwed if the trade did not occur, as the Packers remained on the hook for $100M+ to a player who they did not even want to start. While Rodgers' subsequent salary reduction has made the deal more palatable, there is no way that Green Bay should have known that would happen.

Maybe JD wildly overpaid for Rodgers and and later got lucky when Rodgers helped the Jets out with the salary cut. Or maybe JD had an agreement in principle with Rodgers for the salary cut, but failed to take a tough stance in negotiations with the Packers based upon the existing contract. We don't know for certain, but neither possibility makes JD look good.

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