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Podcast: Why the Jets should shut Aaron Rodgers down for the season

NFL: Miami Dolphins at New York Jets Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

As the Jets approach the final six weeks of the 2023 season, the team is unlikely to make a Playoff run. The current four game losing streak has taken the Jets from the cusp of postseason positioning to the bottom of the conference.

On paper perhaps the most exciting development for the team could be a potential return of Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers suffered what seemed like a season-ending Achilles injury in the Week 1 overtime win over the Bills. Over the last few weeks reports have suggested that Rodgers wants to return this season.

On today’s podcast I offer the reasons the Jets should avoid the temptation to put Rodgers back on the field this year. A Rodgers return would be sure to generate headlines and attention, but it probably wouldn’t be a move that makes sense for player or team in the long run.

We also discuss things to look forward to over the final six weeks of the season.

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