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Jets fan confidence is low ahead of Black Friday game vs. Miami Dolphins

Fans also think Zach Wilson is finished with the Jets.

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

The Jets host the Miami Dolphins this afternoon for a rare Friday afternoon game. The team is struggling, entering the AFC matchup on a three game losing streak.

Understandably, fan confidence is low. In this week SB Nation Reacts survey, only 17 percent of fans expressed confidence in the team’s direction.

That rating is almost identical to last week’s score so it seems like the Week 11 loss to the Buffalo Bills at least did not cause further erosion. That might not be the case if the Jets drop another game today.

Speaking of low confidence, the Jets have benched Zach Wilson for the fourth time in the last calendar year. Jets fans we surveyed think this latest one might stick. An overwhelming majority of fans who voted in our poll believe Wilson has seen his last snap with the Jets.

Time will tell. We know for sure this team desperately needs a win.