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Jets vs Dolphins Game Thread

The Jets look to break their three game losing streak against the first place Dolphins


Week 12 of the 2023 NFL season has the New York Jets at home to take on the Miami Dolphins.

The Jets started this season with an upset victory against the Buffalo Bills on opening day. They followed that up by losing three straight games, then winning three straight, then losing three straight. Along the way the Jets lost the ability to score touchdowns as their offensive line degraded with multiple injuries. That brings us to today’s game against the first place, 7-3 Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins have beat up the bad teams on their schedule while losing all three games they have played against winning teams. The Jets are a bad team. Maybe that means the Dolphins beat them up today. The oddsmakers certainly think so.

The Jets have some things in their favor. The Dolphins have an offensive unusually focused on just two wide receivers: Jaylen Waddle and Tyreek Hill. Those guys are extremely tough to deal with, but if any team in the NFL is set up to limit this Dolphins offense, it’s probably the Jets. The Jets have arguably the best starting trio of cornerbacks in the NFL in Sauce Gardner, D.J. Reed and Michael Carter. That sets up a strength against strength situation which the Jets just might be able to exploit. If the Dolphins wide receivers are limited, that offense doesn’t look so fearsome.

Of course, that leaves the small matter of the Jets actually scoring some points themselves. A great defensive performance won’t be worth much if the Jets can’t score. Tim Boyle and company don’t inspire much confidence, but it’s what we’ve got today. Who knows, maybe the offense pulls a mini miracle out of their hat.

Can Tim Boyle and the Jets offense score more than 10 points? Can Breece Hall break out of his recent funk? Can the Jets defense shut down a high octane Dolphins offense? We’ll find out this afternoon.