Tim Boyle, Who is This Guy?

The fans have been calling for it for weeks, months, and years for the Jets to bench Zach Wilson. Last year he lost the locker room to Mike White with his comments after the Patriots game. He has grown a lot in a year, but his game in many areas still hasn't. Now some of that is on him and some of that is on the Jets for not putting the right people around him. But either way what's done is done, and it looks like Zach will not coming back into an NFL game in a Jets uniform. But it was time for a change to the offense regardless of who's fault it is for their sloppy play. Hopefully this change lights the spark that the team needs.

The Jets have now turned to Tim Boyle who has been relatively unknown in his first 5 years in the NFL. Aside from 3 starts, he has just been finishing games in garbage time here and there throughout his career. But when he has had full control of the whole game what has that looked like? Well here are the overall stats from his 3 starts in the NFL.

Record 0-3

Pass/Att : 61/ 94

Pass Yards: 526

Passing Touchdowns: 3

Interceptions: 6

Rushing Attempts: 1

Rushing yards: 14

So there's not much to go off with only 3 games, but the touchdown / interception ratio is concerning, especially when turnovers and mistakes have plundered this team so far this season. All of these starts came when he was on the Lions in 2021, the first year of Dan Campbell's coaching tenure and with a team that was arguably awful all around. Who knows maybe he'll provide the spark the Jets need, if not Trevor Semian is waiting in the wings ready to go.

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