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Jets falling out of AFC Playoff race

The Jets are now third from the bottom in the conference.

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

The New York Jets’ Week 11 loss to the Buffalo Bills felt like the end of the team’s Playoff hopes. The Jets are now a full two games back of the final postseason spot in the AFC with seven left to play. Perhaps more daunting, the Jets now find themselves in 14th place in the conference. That means they will need to pass seven teams in the final seven weeks of the regular season to end the league’s longest postseason drought. Needless to say, that seems unlikely with the way the offense currently looks even if the Jets remain mathematically alive in the race.

The current AFC standings are posted below for your viewing pleasure.

  1. Kansas City 7-2
  2. Baltimore 8-3
  3. Jacksonville 7-3
  4. Miami 7-3
  5. Cleveland 7-3
  6. Houston 6-4
  7. Pittsburgh 6-4
  8. Buffalo 6-5
  9. Indianapolis 5-5
  10. Denver 5-5
  11. Cincinnati 5-5
  12. Las Vegas 5-6
  13. Los Angeles 4-6
  14. Jets 4-6
  15. Tennessee 3-7
  16. New England 2-8