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Jets fans are most worried about the offensive line

Fans put more blame on the line than anything else for the offense’s struggles.

Los Angeles Chargers v New York Jets Photo by Dustin Satloff/Getty Images

It’s time for our weekly check in with SB Nation Reacts.

What is SB Nation Reacts? Each week we provide a survey to Jets fans to get their thoughts about pressing issues the team is dealing with.

The Jets now find themselves on a two game losing streak heading into an important AFC East game against the Bills. The offense is the problem. The defense is one of the league’s best. The offense is one of the league’s worst.

It doesn’t seem like anything is working on offense, but what is the biggest problem? A plurality of voters say it’s the offensive line.

It’s tough to argue with that. The Jets can’t seem to execute up front, which makes life harder on everybody else.

The offense’s struggles have taken a toll on overall confidence. Our weekly confidence rating is now under 20 percent.

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