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2023 NFL Power Rankings, Week 11: Slip Sliding Away

The Jets lose again as playoff hopes dwindle

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New York Jets v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The New York Jets offense couldn’t get out of its own way again against the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday Night Football. The Jets couldn’t score a touchdown, again. They could barely advance the ball into the red zone. As has been the case all year, if Breece Hall and/or Garrett Wilson don’t make big plays, there is virtually no chance the Jets will score. Seems like we say this just about every week. The defense was good, but the offense was beyond putrid. The Jets came close to the end zone only once, when they got the ball down to the three yard line. They promptly marched backward from there.

The resulting loss to the Las Vegas Raiders brought the Jets’ record to 4-5 on the season. Their playoff hopes are rapidly dwindling to nothing. They next face the suddenly beatable Buffalo Bills on the road next Sunday. The Bills have had their own troubles with a sloppy offense this season. They are 5-5, and looking as vulnerable as they have in years. If somehow the Jets could get a victory in Buffalo and sweep the Bills for the season, things would be looking up. But that’s a lot easier said than done.

How did the power rankings feel about this latest loss for the Jets? Let’s find out.

Pro Football Network

21) New York Jets (18)

It’s impossible not to feel frustration for the Jets’ defensive personnel. That unit continues to fly around the field and keep the team in close proximity to its opponents. However, the offense continuously comes up short, and much of that comes down to the play of Zach Wilson.

Sports Illustrated

20. New York Jets (4-5)

Last week: loss at Las Vegas, 16–12

Next week: at Buffalo

I don’t think I can feel any worse for Zach Wilson who, bless his heart, is carrying the weight of a city on his shoulders. I do think he’s going to be a good NFL quarterback at some point when he’s a bit older. And man, there are some plays he made Sunday night that only a few people who walk this earth have the capability of doing. That said, I don’t know what else the Jets can do. Robert Saleh talked about schematic possibilities they have yet to try. But is there a point where you are wringing the poor kid out? At times, Wilson just looked mentally exhausted. That said, what a story it would be if he could break through this quarterbacking equivalent of a long writer’s block.


23. New York Jets (4-5)

Week 10 ranking: 18

Biggest remaining game: Week 11 vs. Buffalo

Look, when you’ve gone 11 straight quarters without a touchdown, the next game is the biggest game. QB Zach Wilson needs to get the offense into the end zone, pronto, or it could be curtains for him. It’s not all his fault, but something has to change if the drought continues, and the quickest fix is benching the quarterback. That it’s a division opponent makes the game more important. A third straight loss would all but kill the Jets’ faint playoff hopes.

USA Today

20. Jets (18): They finally scored on their opening drive Sunday night … yet they also ran their touchdown drought to 36 consecutive drives. Per OptaSTATS, Zach Wilson is the first quarterback in league history to throw for at least 250 yards in successive weeks while failing to get his offense into the end zone even one time.

It seems opinions about the Jets have them worse than average but not really terrible. Sounds about right. The defense will keep them from being awful. The offense will keep them from rising above mediocre.

With the obvious proviso that power rankings are stupid, unless they praise the Jets, in which case they’re awesome, what do you think? Where should the Jets rank in the NFL power rankings?