Hope, It's a Dangerous Thing

Hope, it’s the thing that keeps you coming back every season, "this season will be different." For the Jets it’s started in the off-season with the acquisition of Aaron Rodgers and it’s stayed with Jets fans until the 4th offensive snap of the season. You couldn’t even believe that it happened, it took the air right out of your lungs. The one piece that the Jets were missing last year, was lost again. Next the Jets turned to the only person they could, Zach Wilson who led them to a win in that opening game, then the old Jets appeared in their 3 game losing streak. After that something magical happened and the Jets found a way to win 3 straight and obtain a 4-3 record all while Aaron Rodgers continued working on his record breaking return to play again this season. The hope that Jets fans thought they wouldn’t have again this season was back and there was a reason to celebrate. Maybe if the Jets could hang around .500 then Rodgers could return and the season would be saved.

Unfortunately the last two games have showed what all Jets fans feared, this offense is not getting them anywhere. 36 consecutive offensive drives without a touchdown and two straight losses have brought the Jets down to 4-5 with two tough division opponents in the coming weeks. If the Jets win one of those games it’ll truly be a miracle, but don’t count on it. You name an issue and the Jets have it on offense; play calling, quarterback play, pass protection, run blocking, penalties, dropped passes. You can’t really point the finger in necessarily one direction, but you do know that if Rodgers was at the helm, this team would be different. But the Jets don't have that, they have Zach Wilson for the foreseeable future and they will have to make some drastic changes all around if they want to start winning games. The defense continues to hold up their end of the bargain, but how long before they break? After all, they're doing almost all of the work to help to the Jets win.

It's hard to throw in the towel only 9 games into the season as a fan, but the Jets playoff chances have now dropped to 8% and with such a competitive AFC it's surprising that it's not lower. But as other teams continue to improve the Jets appear to be in free fall. Perhaps Rodgers should reconsider trying to return this season and just focus on being healthy next year. But, that is not how the Jets will play the rest of this season, that's not how Rodgers feels about this team, and Jets fans will be in it till the end, to quote to Jim Carrey "So you're saying there's a chance".

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