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Jets currently own 13th pick in 2024 NFL Draft

Jets find themselves outside the top 10.

NFL: NFL Draft Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets’ loss to the Raiders on Sunday Night Football has some fans looking ahead to the 2024 NFL Draft. That might be a bit premature as the Jets are still nowhere close to mathematical elimination. Still, with the team on the outside looking in, it might be worth taking a look at Draft order.

If the season ended today, the Jets would own the 13th overall pick in next spring’s Draft. The Jets, Buccaneers, and Chargers are all tied for the 12th pick with a 4-5 record. When it comes to Draft order, head to head is not the tiebreaker so the Chargers’ victory over the Jets last weekend is irrelevant. Tiebreakers instead are based on strength of schedule. The team with the easiest strength of schedule gets the highest pick. In this case, Tampa Bay has had the easiest schedule of the three teams, followed by the Jets, followed by the Chargers. Thus the Jets currently pick 13th.

The full current first round Draft order is below.

  1. Chicago (from Carolina 1-8)
  2. NY Giants 2-8
  3. New England 2-8
  4. Arizona 2-8
  5. Chicago 3-7
  6. Green Bay 3-6
  7. LA Rams 3-6
  8. Tennessee 3-6
  9. Denver 3-5
  10. Atlanta 4-6
  11. Washington 4-6
  12. Tampa Bay 4-5
  13. NY Jets 4-5
  14. LA Chargers 4-5
  15. Indianapolis 5-5
  16. Las Vegas 5-5
  17. Buffalo 5-4
  18. Cincinnati 5-4

Picks 19-32 are determined by Playoff results.