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Final Score: Raiders 16, Jets 12

Another game, another listless Jets offensive performance

New York Jets v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

In the New York Jets’ ninth game of the 2023 NFL season, in Las Vegas, Nevada on Sunday Night Football, the Jets were defeated by the Las Vegas Raiders, 16 - 12.

The first half action saw the Jets and the Raiders in a scintillating battle of field goals as neither offense could get the ball into the end zone. The Jets came close with a first and goal at the three yard line before marching backwards for a field goal. At the end of this enthralling first half action the Jets emerged with a 9 - 6 lead.

The Jets opened the third quarter on offense and went on an impressive negative 12 yard drive, then punted.

Not to be outdone, the Raiders answered with a negative drive and punt of their own, as these two teams continued to put on a display of offensive fireworks the likes of which we rarely are privileged to witness.

On and on the game raged, with one team landing a three and out haymaker, only to be stunned by the other team’s crushing three and out counterpunch. The two teams racked up scores like a pinball machine, only without the machine and without the scores.

Finally, towards the end of the third quarter, the Raiders mounted a masterful 10 play, 23 yard drive that ended in a field goal and a 9 - 9 tie. It was difficult to catch one’s breath after all the back and forth offensive action.

The Jets would not be deterred. They promptly put together a four play, -1 yard drive and punted. Take that, Raiders!

The Raiders took over at their own 47 yard line, and Josh Jacobs took over with a big run down to the Jets 13 as the third quarter ended.

From there Aidan O’Connell did something the Jets are only passingly familiar with. He threw a touchdown pass in the red zone to give the Raiders a 16 - 9 lead early in the fourth quarter. It felt like it may as well have been a 50 point lead the way the Jets were playing offense.

A couple of big plays by Breece Hall and Garrett Wilson got the Jets to the Raiders 28 yard line on the next drive. From there, you guessed it: the Jets offense bogged down and they settled for a field goal to get within four points at 16 - 12.

The Raiders then went on a long, grinding, run-filled, time eating drive that took them deep into Jets territory. Just as it looked like the Raiders would put the game out of reach, they fumbled and the Jets recovered. The Jets had life.

The Jets then marched methodically down the field, getting the ball all the way to the Raiders 20 before disaster struck. Zach Wilson threw an interception, and the Raiders had the ball back with less than 1:30 to play.

The Jets forced a punt and they had one final chance to drive the length of the field for an improbable victory. It was not to be. The game ended with a couple of Hail Mary passes falling incomplete in the end zone.

With the loss the Jets fall to 4-5 on the season. It doesn’t get any easier from here. Next week the Jets go on the road to take on the Buffalo Bills. It remains to be seen when the Jets offense will find the end zone again.