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Jets offensive line is set to face the Maxx Crosby test

NFL: Las Vegas Raiders at Detroit Lions Lon Horwedel-USA TODAY Sports

With the injury to Billy Turner and Duane Brown remaining unavailable, the Jets will be starting yet another combination on the offensive line.

The instability on the offensive line is not the only issue with this offense, but it’s certainly not helping.

Last week the Jets moved Max Mitchell inside to accommodate Billy Turner, 10 pressures and 3 sacks later that decision is questionable, at least in hindsight.

Robert Saleh confirmed that the newly signed Rodger Saffold is unlikely to feature due to him not being in football shape yet. So it’s likely that Max Mitchell will head outside to RT and a new guard will be inserted at RG.

Joey Bosa and the Chargers dominated the line to the tune of 8 sacks, and things won’t get any easier this week as they head to Vegas.

Maxx Crosby is statistically the best pass-rusher in football in terms of pressure generation. Nobody in football has more pressures than his 53. Not Micah Parsons, not Nick Bosa and not Aidan Hutchinson. Crosby is also tied for the lead in sacks in the AFC with 9.5, just 0.5 sacks behind league leader Danielle Hunter in Minnesota.

“He’s like the Energizer Bunny. He just keeps on going and going and going. Old school commercial for you young bucks,” Jets coach Robert Saleh said Friday. “He is a freak in that regard. He does not stop and I think that’s why he’s so special. He gets a lot of reps at a very high level. He’s got tremendous instinct and feel and plays with violence. He is absolutely relentless.

“You can tell he absolutely loves the game of football, loves his teammates and he lays it all on the field every single time, every chance he gets.”

The Raiders have one of the best pass-rushers in the game, but as a unit, they’re not a dominant unit. They generate pressure on 19.1% of snaps, which is only 26th in the league and their 24 sacks rank just 14th.

It’s easy to say all you need to do is nullify Maxx Crosby, but few have managed it. He’ll get doubled, he’ll get chipped and how effective that is will determine the outcome of this game.

What the Jets do on the offensive line will be a point of interest. Chances are Max Mitchell will move back over to RT and someone like Xavier Newman-Johnson or Chris Glaser will come in at RG.

The offensive line musical chairs continue.