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Breece Hall’s touchdown run was the Jets’ best executed play of the season

Denver Broncos vs New York Jets Photo by Andy Cross/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images

It probably isn't a shock to hear that Breece Hall’s 72 yard touchdown run was the best executed offensive play of the season for the Jets. While Hall is receiving and deserves a lot of credit, this play was well-executed all the way around and well-designed.

The play starts with pre snap motion. Xavier Gipson comes across the formation. This leads to Nik Bonitto subtly bumping from inside of Allen Lazard to outside Lazard. This ends up playing a big role in the play.

Gipson’s motion also leads safety Justin Simmons to leave the box where he could have helped in run support. He has to respect Gipson’s speed and the possibility there could be a screen. Thus he cannot assist against the run.

Gipson and Simmons have arrows pointing out their movement. Also in this picture is the block Lazard throws on Bonitto. A wide receiver handles an edge rusher one on one.

This is important because it frees up a blocker for the Jets. This appears to be a counter play. The assignments have a guard (Laken Tomlinson in yellow) pulling from the weak side to take the defender at the end of the line, Bonitto. Fullback (Nick Bawden in red) is supposed to block the linebacker furthest to the side of the run. Everybody else blocks down.

The play is actually run. Apologies as I have some of Matt Ryan’s telestrator work for CBS in the next picture.

I want to make special note of the block Joe Tippmann throws on Mike Purcell. Purcell is a nose tackle. His job is to draw a double team and not be moved by two blockers. Instead Tippmann manhandles him one on one and shoves Purcell to the right.

Because Lazard is blocking Tomlinson’s guy, Laken (yellow) is able to take Bawden’s (red) guy. I continue to highlight the way way Tippmann moves Purcell in blue.

Take a look at this canyon Breece has to run through. The Jets have executed this so well that Bawden doesn’t even have anybody to block. And Bawden was supposed to be the guy throwing the key block!

The Jets block a nice gain for Breece, and he takes care of the rest. Some people might wonder what the value of a running back is in today’s NFL. It comes in a play like this. A great back is the difference between this being a nice 15 yard gain and it being a 72 yard homerun.