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Jets fan confidence rises after Zach Wilson’s quality game in loss to Kansas City

Kansas City Chiefs v New York Jets Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

The Jets might have lost their third straight game in Week 4, but their fans are now feeling much better about the team.

Each week we ask Jets fans for their views on the state of the team. It is called SB Nation Reacts. Heading into Week 4, Jets fans were not very confident in the franchise’s state. Just 18 percent of voters said they felt the team was heading in the right direction. One week later, that number is up to 64 percent.

Undoubtedly a solid performance by Zach Wilson has a lot to do with the spike in optimism. The Jets might have lost to the Chiefs, but Wilson played perhaps his best game as a pro. If he performs like that going forward, the Jets can win some games this year. Of course, we also might be one loss away from the confidence level plummeting back to earth.

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