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Cam Newton talks about hypothetical signing with New York Jets

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Right at the start of this, let me just say that there have been absolutely no indications that the New York Jets are interested in signing Cam Newton.

Personally, as a Jets fan, I have absolutely no interest in the Jets signing Cam Newton and that was before I read his comments.

The former 2015 MVP hasn’t played in the league since 2021, and that’s where he appeared in 8 games completing 54.8% of his passes for 4 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. The year before that with New England he threw 10 interceptions to 8 touchdowns.

In short, his record recently has been poor. At this point in his career, I actually don’t think he’d be an upgrade on what we have in the building.

But, he was asked about the hypothetical situation when he appeared on “RG3 and The Ones” podcast with former NFL QB and current ESPN analyst Robert Griffin III.

The first thing he spoke about related to the finances of the situation, saying it would take more than €5.5 million to sign him despite his poor record over the last two years

“You not about to sit here and penny pinch me, bro,” Newton said. “I’m about to sit up here and sign no $5.5 (million) deal, bro.

“Those days are over with. I’d be wasting my time,” Newton said. “Because I will tell you if you don’t think I could be on a roster right now I could. But it’s bigger than that to me. Am I in shape right now? Hell yeah.”

Then he was asked directly about the Jets and the former Panthers legend said he’d need a lot of clarity on the situation before even considering it.

Newton was a great QB, one of my favourites to watch over the last decade...but you’re not getting 2015 Cam Newton now, and his star has diminished significantly. I’d rather watch Zach Wilson struggle than watch Cam Newton struggle.

The hope is that Sunday’s game against Kansas represented the turning point for Zach.

“In any situation, I’m gonna sit up there and I’m gonna analyze it as much as possible,” he said. “I don’t want to walk into a dysfunctional situation. Have you guys made Zach Wilson aware? Also, Aaron Rodgers is trying to come back this year, let’s also talk about that.

“So when he comes back is it just gonna be something that you just say, ‘Ay watch out.’ So it’s a lot of things that I don’t just make impulse decisions.”