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Podcast: Have the Jets found their offensive line of the future?

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images

Have the Jets fixed their offensive line? The new look group has been an improvement since the Jets reshuffled up front prior to Week 3. Is this the line of the future, even with a handful of player nominally out of position?

Today on our mailbag podcast we assess the factors that will determine whether the Jets stick with this current group for the long haul. We also discuss adjustments to both offensive and defensive play calling, the inconsistency of the run game at the early stages of the season, potential changes to personnel, and more. Thanks as always to those of you who sent in questions. If your question for this mailbag went unanswered, feel free to send it in for a future mailbag installment. We do a mailbag each week.

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