Jets 4 X 4: Four positives and four things to watch for 10.29.23

To say the Jets escaped week 8 with a win would be putting it lightly. To say this was a tale of two great defenses would be a lite, the game against the Giants earlier today was a tale of two struggling offenses with the Jets getting just enough points to come out on top.

Four Positives:

1. The Jets win:

Like Saleh said in the postgame conference, at the end of the day people only look at the wins and losses. No matter how bad or dismal the Jets looked today, the team came out of this game with a victory and are currently sitting in a playoff contention spot in the AFC.

2. The defense:

The Jets defense once again proved why they are one of the best units in the NFL. The only times the Giants were able to score today were when they had drives starting on the Jets side of the field.

3. Greg the leg:

Zuerlein came through with two clutch field goals to save the game for the Jets today. On a day where the Giants missed several, every point counts.

4. Aaron Rodgers:

Rodgers limp appears to be getting better and he had a little more motion in his pregame throws. My prediction is that he'll be back for the Christmas Eve game against the Commanders.

Four Things to Watch For:

1. Zach Wilson:

Wilson did not play his best game today by any means. The last time Wilson played like this was in week 2 with bad weather against the Patriots. Holding onto the ball was also a problem for Wilson today, with two fumbles, one coming off a bad snap. Wilson was missing easy short throws as well, which cost the Jets greatly throughout the day.

2. Injuries:

The Jets had three players go down with injuries today and because of that they had their third string center finishing the game. Football is a violent sport and injuries happen, but the Jets are going to need to add depth to their O-line to battle these injuries throughout the season.

3. Trade Deadline:

The trade deadline is coming up on Tuesday, there have been rumors that the Jets are going to move on from Dalvin Cook and Carl Lawson. The question is who are the Jets going to get back in return for them if they do decide to move on. They could certainly use help on the offense line and at wide receiver.

4. Offensive Play Calling:

When you've been a fan of the Jets for so long, you can almost predict how they're going to start a drive. You always hope to be proven wrong, but you never know truly how it's going to go. That being said the offensive playcalling was at the very least completely predictable to the Giants, whose defensive was never afraid of the Jets offense today. The Jets lack of innovation today resulted in 11 punts and two turnovers. Definitely not the change that fans were looking for after last year.

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