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How has quarterback Zach Wilson been when pressured?

Is the game finally slowing down for Zach?

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at New York Jets Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Playing quarterback in the NFL is hard. That’s obvious, but it’s easy to forget when some of the league’s greats make it look so easy. There’s a reason that the great ones get paid what they do, and it’s not because NFL owners are in the business of giving money away.

Playing quarterback under pressure though... well that’s even harder. Behind a patchwork offensive line, it’s no surprise that quarterback Zach Wilson has been under pressure quite a bit, with the Jets offensive line ranking 10th worst in pressure rate allowed.

But playing under pressure is simply part of the job and it’s one that Zach Wilson has done a decent job of so far.

Specifically, Zach Wilson falls just about at the middle point of the graph. He’s about league average on time to throw since being pressured, showing an ability to extend plays. He also is just about league average on estimated points added per dropback, showing an ability to salvage a play gone wrong.

By no means is average a spectacular level of play, but it’s also not a detrimental level. When the New York Jets defense is as good as it has been, a league average QB across the board should be more than enough for this team to make some noise.