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Highlighting the positives: Which New York Jets players impressed PFF in Week 6?

Taking a look at some good Jets performances against the Eagles

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at New York Jets Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

The wild ride that is the 2023 New York Jets continued in Week 6 as they pulled off an upset victory against the Philadelphia Eagles. Of note, the Jets did this without scoring a touchdown until the 4th quarter in a game where the team was largely carried by stellar defensive play. In line with that, PFF’s top graded Jets were largely on the defensive side of the ball, as highlighted here.

Wide Receiver Garrett Wilson

  • Overall grade: 86.1 (57 snaps)
  • Passing game grade: 82.7 (41 snaps)
  • Run blocking grade: 80.3 (16 snaps)

The lone offensive player on this week’s list is Garrett Wilson. Why? Well, because the entire passing offense seemingly ran through him. To that point, the Jets offense generated 186 passing yards and Garrett Wilson accounted for almost 50% of those yards with 90 receiving yards. This continues Wilson’s general trend of accounting for a huge market share of the Jets passing game. He racked up 12 targets, which is more than twice the number of passing targets any other player received. Beyond that, PFF came away impressed with Wilson’s blocking performance, providing support that he is a difference maker not just on passing plays but also when the Jets opt to run the ball.

Linebacker C.J. Mosley

  • Overall grade: 92.8 (70 snaps)
  • Run defense grade: 68.4 (19 snaps)
  • Tackling grade: 62.5
  • Pass rush grade: 54.0 (3 snaps)
  • Coverage grade: 92.1 (48 snaps)

Consider me among those who were concerned about the middle of the Jets pass defense coming into 2023. However, the C.J. Mosley renaissance has quickly helped put that concern to bed. He has performed as not just a plus coverage player, but arguably as one of the best coverage linebackers in the sport. A stellar 92.8 overall grade for Mosley just feels like another day at the office at this point in the season.

Safety Craig James

  • Overall grade: 79.0 (41 snaps)
  • Run defense grade: 62.3 (14 snaps)
  • Tackling grade: 72.5
  • Coverage grade: 79.8 (27 snaps)

Released in September, signed back in October, and then elevated before Week 6, Craig James made himself known in Week 7. Talk about a roller coaster ride of a few weeks for the young defensive back. His overall coverage grade was very strong, highlighted by plays like the one below. While his time as a starter may be brief, his impact on the Jets season will not be as he was a key cog in their win this week.

Edge Rusher Bryce Huff

  • Overall grade: 77.6 (35 snaps)
  • Run defense grade: 62.6 (7 snaps)
  • Tackling: 38.5
  • Pass rushing: 73.5 (27 snaps)

It’s seems like a crazy thing to write down, but if Bryce Huff keeps this up, he might have a claim as one of the NFL’s best pass rushers. Another week, another really strong pass rushing performance, and this time he did it while handling a larger amount of reps. There are few things that are certain in life, but Bryce Huff securing “the bag” in free agency this offseason sure seems like one of them.

Defensive lineman Quinnen Williams

  • Overall grade: 77.1 (51 snaps)
  • Run defense grade: 77.7 (15 snaps)
  • Tackling grade: 69.2
  • Pass rushing grade: 67.7 (34 snaps)

Quinnen Williams just keeps on living up to that big contract the Jets gave him. Good run defense? Check. Good pass rushing? Check. He even threw in an interception for good measure this week. Yet another great performance from a truly great player.


Who was the Jets best player in Week 6?

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    WR Garrett Wilson
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  • 5%
    DB Craig James
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  • 47%
    Edge Bryce Huff
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  • 13%
    DL Quinnen Williams
    (50 votes)
  • 15%
    Someone else that I’ll tell you about in the comments
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