Jets 4 X 4: Four positives and four things to watch for 10.16.23

Most Jets fans, Eagles fans, and analysts counted out the Jets today. Going against the high powered Eagles offense and the infamous Brotherly Shove (Tush Push), many people thought that the Jets would just not have it today. It certainly looked that way early as the Eagles got off to a strong start with the touchdown from Jalen Hurts and the Jets only responding with yet again just another field goal. But soon the game started to go the Jets way, entering the half down 14-9, the defense knew it had to step up in the second half and they certainly did. Multiple takeaways and not allowing a single point in the second half gave the offense just enough to get the job done. Here are four positives and four things to watch for after this week.

Four Positives:

1. No fumbles today:

As I stated last week, Zach Wilson was going to have to do a better job of holding onto the football this week and he did exactly that. Zero fumbles and zero interceptions this week, which were absolutely crucial in playing a defense as talented as the Eagles.

2. Defense:

On the opposite side of the ball, the defense created four turnovers. 3 Interceptions by Jalen Hurts and one fumble were enough to cripple several of the Eagles drives. The Jets knew going into all these games without Aaron Rodgers that the defense would have to make some big plays and they did exactly that. This effort today was even more impressive with the team missing both of it's top cornerbacks.

3. Zuerlein:

Greg Zuerlein came through again this week, despite the first field goal barely getting through the uprights, Zuerlien connected on all 4 of his field goals today in a game where every point counted.

4. Aaron Rodgers:

On top of the win this week, Jets fans were equally delighted to see Aaron back with the team today. It was even more special though since he was walking with no assistance and a barely noticeable limp. He was also seen before the game throwing the ball around, needless to say, he is anxious to come back and play this season and the timeline that we've seen from him so far is absolutely insane.

Four Things To Watch For:

1. Zach Wilson:

While Zach did not turn the ball over, there were still plays where he looked like his old self, holding onto the ball too long, and having inaccurate throws. He's going to need to work on these things going forward.

2. Redzone Offense:

With the exception of the late Breece Hall touchdown that came courtesy of an interception, the Jets were absolutely awful in the redzone today. 1-4 will not be enough to carry the Jets through every game, we should consider it lucky that it was enough this week.

3. Offensive Line:

Multiple times the line collapsed today leaving Wilson open and vulnerable to 5 sacks for 31 yards. Wilson was also seen running for his life a couple times. Even with the injuries as of late, the Jets knew this was a concern going into the season and they still have yet to fully address it.

4. Aaron Rodgers:

Aaron Rodgers is clearly on an insane timeline to recovery. Going to be very interesting to see where he is at the end of November.

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