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Cris Carter believes Breece Hall is the Key to take pressure off Zach Wilson

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at New York Jets Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Breece Hall had the shackles removed last week against Denver, and he rewarded the coaches with 177 rushing yards and a pivotal touchdown.

With Zach Wilson still finding his way in the league, it’s expected that Breece will take on a bigger role over the coming weeks and with Dalvin Cook proving ineffective, Hall should be in for plenty of touches.

Legendary Hall of Fame wide receiver Cris Carter finished his career with 1,101 receptions for 13,899 and 130 touchdowns and has been speaking to The Sports Geek and had this to say about Hall’s return:

I mean for The Jets, it’ll take the pressure off of Wilson. He’s going have to be a huge part of what they’re doing. They had another offensive lineman, their best offensive lineman. He got injured, so he’s going be out for the year. I look for him and Dalvin Cook to really put a heavy load on them as far as trying to control the tempo of the game and also that brings play action pass. A lot of people don’t understand when you run the ball, yeah, it creates play action pass, but play action pass has the best pass protection because typically you have seven people protecting and typically, they’re only rushing 6. It allows you to be able to throw the ball deep down the field because you have more time. It’s important that he continues after last year’s knee injury. He’s not on a pitch count anymore, you know. He’s going to get a workload that’s very, very heavy in these next few weeks. But that’s the way you take care of a young quarterback and get him very comfortable.

Hall and the Jet's offensive line will face the #1 rushing defence this week when they take on the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles allow an average of 61.2 yards on the ground, 3.1 yards per carry and have allowed just a single touchdown to running backs all season.

My hope is that the Jets start to use play-action more in the gameplan, and if Breece gets going it’s only going to open up more throwing lanes for Zach. Wilson has only attempted 28 play-action passes this year, which is 26th in the league and a country mile behind league leader Kirk Cousins on 57.

Despite only attempting 28 play-action passes, Zach is completing 67.9% with 2 touchdowns to 0 interceptions.