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Final Score: Dolphins 11, Jets 6

The New York Jets close out the 2022 season with their sixth straight loss in a pathetic loss to the Miami Dolphins

NFL: New York Jets at Miami Dolphins Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports

In the New York Jets’ final game of the 2022 season, on a beautiful day in Miami, Florida, the Miami Dolphins defeated the Jets, 11 - 6, completing the Jets’ epic six game losing streak to close out the season. After a 12th consecutive season without a playoff berth, a new team record, the Jets now head into a long offseason with many questions regarding their roster and their coaching staff.

After a first half in which the Jets and Dolphins took turns at offensive futility the two teams began the second half tied at 3 - 3.

The Jets opened the third quarter with a three and out on offense.

The Dolphins then went on a long drive, running the ball right down the Jets’ throats and chewing up most of the third quarter before settling for a 37 yard field goal and a 6 - 3 lead.

The Jets responded with a long, clock chewing drive of their own. They ended up kicking a 35 yard field goal for a 6 -6 tie as this scintillating barn burner raged on.

From there the two teams had a thrilling exchange of punts before the Dolphins took over with just under three minutes to play. This game had to this point been such an exquisite offensive masterpiece you almost hated to see it end. Alas, end it did.

A Quincy Williams horse collar penalty gave the Dolphins the ball in scoring position inside the Jets’ 40 yard line, and with 23 seconds to play Jason Sanders drilled a 50 yard field goal to give the Dolphins a 9 - 6 lead.

The Jets went quietly into the night from there. On the final play some Jets trickery resulted in a 25 yard loss and a fumble into the end zone for a safety and a final 11 -6 score, a fitting way to end the season.

After beginning the 2022 campaign with a 7-4 record and challenging for the AFC East lead, the Jets finished the season on a six game losing streak. We’ll see who is made the scapegoat for the Jets’ collapse, and how the Jets intend to make the changes necessary to possibly return to the postseason next year.

John will be along later to provide a more in-depth recap of today’s game. In the meantime leave your comments on this travesty of a Jets game below.