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Why potential Jets target Derek Carr could be the first quarterback to change teams this offseason

Las Vegas Raiders v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Gaelen Morse/Getty Images

The Jets will be looking for a quarterback this offseason. In fact, the team has taken the unusual step of publicly confirming it is looking for a veteran starter at the position.

Plenty of big quarterback names like Aaron Rodgers will be rumored to potentially change teams this offseason. Over the past week plus the rumor mill has heated up about the possibility of the Jets making a move for the future Hall of Famer.

The first domino to fall this offseason could very well be Raiders quarterback Derek Carr. Carr himself has confirmed he will be finding a new team after nine seasons with the Silver and Black.

There are some specifics about Carr’s situation which could make his search for a new team come to a quick conclusion.

$40 million in remaining money becomes guaranteed on his contract on February 15. No trade can become official until the new league year begins March 15. However, the Raiders can figure out whether they will be able to trade Carr before that February 15 deadline. There is nothing stopping them from agreeing to the parameters of a trade prior to that date and then filing the paperwork with the league in March.

The Raiders have every incentive to figure out whether they actually can trade Carr before that deadline. If they can’t trade him, and the deadline passes they would be on the hook for that guaranteed money.

Thus there is every incentive for a deal to be struck in the next two weeks. Another team or teams are either going to be willing to give up compensation or they won’t.

That leaves a short timeframe to strike a trade. If the Raiders cannot trade Carr, they likely will release him.

Doing so would make Carr a free agent and eligible to sign with a new team immediately. Free agents to be with expiring contracts like Lamar Jackson technically don’t become free agents until March 15. Their contract runs through the end of the league year.

If Carr is released, he won’t have a contract. Teams will be able to sign him as soon as he is no longer a Raider.

With this in mind, we should have some sort of resolution in the Carr situation well in advance of free agency.

It also could present an interesting dilemma for Jets and other potential suitors. If they can get Carr, should they jump at the opportunity knowing they are passing up a chance to potentially get Aaron Rodgers? Or should they take Carr when they can get him knowing that they could be left empty handed if they pass on this opportunity and then later strike out on Rodgers?