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Robert Saleh: Quarterback was the number one concern in hiring Nathaniel Hackett

Head coach Robert Saleh met the media Thursday

New York Jets v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh said the team’s decision to hire offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett was based first and foremost of the quarterback position.

It’s a bit difficult to believe Saleh didn’t discuss names with any candidate. That is doubly true with a coach like Hackett who has close ties to the biggest name quarterback who potentially could hit the market; current Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers.

I’m not entirely sure which past non-Aaron Rodgers quarterbacks had impressive results under Hackett. He hasn’t had much to work with. I’d guess it isn’t really his fault that EJ Manuel and Blake Bortles failed to develop. Still I wouldn’t hold quarterbacks like them up as proof of Hackett’s overall effectiveness.

Rodgers himself was already a first ballot Hall of Famer by the time Hackett began coaching him.

In any event, Hackett will be running the Jets offense in the 2023 season.