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Jets “Want to discuss OC Opportunities” with Chiefs Eric Bieniemy

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Jacksonville Jaguars v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

According to NFL insider Aaron Wilson, who was the first to break the news that the Jets and Mike LaFleur were parting ways, New York is interested in talking to Eric Bieniemy about their vacant offensive coordinator position.

Wilson confirms that Bieniemy is still in the running for the vacant Indianapolis Colts head coaching gig, but teams are keeping a close eye just in case he gets passed over yet again.

Bieniemy has been linked to numerous Head Coaching jobs over the last few years, including the Jets vacancy back in 2021, he has yet to find a team willing to take him on.

Eric has been with the Chiefs since 2013 and has been their offensive coordinator since 2018. He has overseen one of the most dominant offenses in football over the last few years, but with Andy Reid rumored to be calling plays, Bieniemy often doesn’t get the credit that he probably deserves.

Some people often point to the talent he’s working with as a reason he doesn’t get a head coaching job, with teams wanting to see him succeed without the likes of Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce. That’s a strange concept to me, as a lot of coordinators who get hired as head coaches have worked with talented players and been successful, hence them getting the opportunity to interview.

Some have speculated that a troubled past may be causing the hesitation, but it’s been over 20 years since Bieniemy has been in legal trouble. I’ve seen people question whether he’s a bad interviewee, again that’s pure speculation, but it is out there.

So why would Eric Bieniemy want to coach in New York?

Simply, it would give him play-calling responsibility and the chance to show that he can succeed without Mahomes.

At the same time he wouldn’t be going to a team without talent, he’d still have players like Breece Hall and Garrett Wilson to base his offense around.

He’s been part of four head coaching cycles now and failed to secure a job. Working in Kansas doesn’t seem to open up opportunities, despite the success.

Heading to New York and taking on the OC role and I’d guess a “Pass Game Coordinator” title, may just open up that door that’s been closed so far.