Bills now under curse of Matt Milano

I was in a bar a couple of weeks ago and a guy told me the bills are playing under a curse

that will take down the team because of "Dirty Milano", the very next play of the game we were

watching, the safety goes down and the game cancelled, then yesterday the two Bills defenders

slam helmets defending an incompleion, and the bills are complete baby food for the rest of the

game. Milano is one of the dirtiest, sleazist players in league history, I can't believe he wasn't fined

for his hit onTua and his hit on White, he literally is a hit man who changed the course of Jet and

Dolphin history this season, I route against the Bills, with a passion, I hate Matt Milano,scurm of the

earth - lower than that really, shame on the NFL for allowing him to operate with impunity.

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