2023 AFC East Outlook


Cap space: -8.5

Draft picks: 28, 60, 92, 130, 138, 163.

Pending free agents: Jordan Poyer, Tremaine Edmunds, Devin Singletary, Case Keenum.

Between currently being over the cap and having only 6 picks that are at the bottom of each round, it’s difficult to see the Bills improving much in either free agency or the draft. Poyer and Edmunds would be big losses on a defense that struggled at times in 2022. Keenum would be an underrated loss as well. He’s one of the best backup QB’s in the NFL, and 60+ QB’s have started the last two seasons in the NFL. Also noteworthy because Josh Allen has an affinity for hard contact, often times initiated by Allen himself. Always good to have a reliable backup QB. RB’s are a dime a dozen, but Singletary is a nice player.


Cap space: -16M

Draft picks: 52, 78, 85, 178, 240.

Pending free agents:

Mike Gesicki, Jeff Wilson, Raheem Mostert, Teddy Bridegwater.

The Dolphins cap space and draft capital situation is even more dire than Buffalo. Only 5 picks, and that first pick doesn’t come until 52. Similarly to Buffalo, it’s hard to envision the Dolphins improving much at all between the draft or free agency due to the resource constraints. They are fortunate at least they don’t have many noteworthy free agents. Gesicki is a nice player who is a good receiving TE, but he doesn’t block well at all and isn’t a system fit. Wilson and Mostert are nice players at RB, but again, a dime a dozen position. Bridgewater provides a little more credibility at QB than Skylar Thompson, which is important given the uncertainty surrounding Tua.


Cap space: 33M

Draft picks: 14, 47, 77, 107, 117, 135, 184, 187, 192, 210, 158.

Pending free agents: Nelson Aghlor, Jabril Peppers, Jonathan Jones, Jakobi Meyers, Isaiah Wynn, Damien Harris, Mack Wilson.

Finally an AFC East opponent that has resources. It’s possible a large portion of that cap space goes towards bringing back some of those pending UFA’s, but they have the cap space to sign a free agent or two. They also have plenty of draft capital, however it’s mostly later round picks, and in typical Patriots fashion they likely will trade back a million times. They are in a better spot resource wise than the Bills and Pats, but this probably won’t be a dramatically different roster next season.

With that being said, this is a great opportunity for the Jets to close the gap within the division in 2023. Assuming the Jets get a competent QB like Carr, Lamar, Rodgers, Jimmy G, it seems like a toss up between all 4 AFC East teams for who could win the division.

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