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2023 NFL Draft Order: Jets Hold 13th Pick After Week 17

NFL: New York Jets at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Distressing though it might be, it is time to focus on the Jets’ positioning for the 2023 NFL Draft. We have fortunately been able to avoid it up to this point, but it is now time to take a look.

If the season ended today, the Jets would hold the 13th overall pick according to Tankathon. The team is currently tied with the Saints (whose pick belongs to the Eagles), the Titans, and the Browns (whose pick belongs to the Texans). The Jets have the lowest pick in this group because they have played the most difficult schedule. (Ties in the Draft order are different from ties in the standings. They are broken by schedule strength, not head to head matchups.)

Here is the current Draft order.

  1. Houston 2-13-1
  2. Chicago 3-13
  3. Denver (pick traded to Seattle) 4-12
  4. Arizona 4-12
  5. Indianapolis 4-11-1
  6. LA Rams (pick traded to Detroit) 5-11
  7. Atlanta 6-10
  8. Las Vegas 6-10
  9. Carolina 6-10
  10. New Orleans (pick traded to Philadelphia) 7-9
  11. Tennessee 7-9
  12. Cleveland (pick traded to Houston) 7-9
  13. NY Jets 7-9
  14. Washington 7-8-1
  15. Pittsburgh 8-8
  16. Green Bay 8-8
  17. Detroit 8-8
  18. Miami (forfeited pick) 8-8