Could the jets have interest in Trey Lance at QB?

The Jets obviously need a QB this off-season- of the top names available I’ve seen lots of people looking at Derek Carr or Jimmy G- however with the emergence of Brock Purdy there is suddenly another 49ers QB who could be an odd man out- Trey Lance

Lance is obviously unproven but clearly has talent as the 49ers were going to have him as their starter this year over the proven and successful Jimmy G

Lance is also familiar with the Shannahan/49ers system that the Jets are allegedly trying to emulate

he potentially has more dynamic running ability than Zach Wilson and in limited action has looked somewhat exciting

most importantly he would quite a bit cheaper than Jimmy G or Carr

the main concern would be durability and what his recovery has been from the injury- but he is young and talented- I think he would be a very interesting option to consider- a qb competition between lance and Wilson could bring out the best in both of them and be the best for the team

anyone else think this?

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