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Vikings vs Giants Game Thread

The Minnesota Vikings host the New York Giants in the second game of a Sunday tripleheader in NFL Wild Card Weekend action.

NFL: New York Giants at Minnesota Vikings Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL playoffs Wild Card Weekend continues today with a Sunday tripleheader. In the late afternoon game the Minnesota Vikings host the New York Giants.

The New York Giants come into this game having won just two of their last eight games after opening the season with a 7-2 run. The Giants have beaten just two winning teams all year, with their last such victory coming in late October against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Giants lost to the Vikings just a few weeks ago on a last second 61 yard field goal by the Vikings. Now the Giants seek to reverse that outcome in the playoffs.

The Minnesota Vikings come into this game as perhaps the worst four loss team since the NFL went to a 16 game (now 17 game) schedule. The Vikings have beaten just three winning teams all year. They have a negative point differential on the year. The Vikings have one of the worst defenses in the NFL. What has kept the Vikings near the top of the NFL standings has been an incredible run in one score games. The Vikings went 11-0 in one score games this year. That defies belief. It reeks of an unsustainable run of good luck. We’ll see if the Giants have what it takes to bring that good luck to an end today.

It’s the Vikings and the Giants in the Wild Card Round on Sunday afternoon. Use this thread to comment on the game.