Jags Lawrence toughens up in 1st playoff game……showed why he was the #1 pick

Saturday NFL playoff football. Two very entertaining game that showed what young QBs can do on the big stage. In San Fran the Brock Purdy Winning Football tour kept moving forward. 49ers got off to a quick start before Old Pete Carroll cheerleader his team to get into the game. San Fran D was great on the ground but in the air awful. Reminded me of so many sad Jets seasons watching our CBS chasing the shadow of the receiver who got behind them. Seattle made a game of it and went into the halftime up by a point thanx in past to Ex Jet Jason Myers kicking a late FG thanx to a selfish 49ers penalty. But the 2nd Half was all 9ers. Purdy engineered an opening drive that led to a TD while eating 7:25 off the clock. The Seahawks were pretty much grounded after that. The 2nd game was the Cinderella story Jags, their Sophomore QB Trevor Lawrence, a tough Defense and the wonderful play calling from Jags HC Doug Pederson. Chargers were up 27-0 with just over 4 mins left in the 1st half thanx to some Jags turnovers….like not one or two but 4 INZts thrown by Lawrence. All I could think of if that as the Jets playing and Zach had done what Lawrence did. He’d still be digging that hides hole for days. But Lawrence is not ZW and he showed us why. He engineered a TD before the half and the kids were down 27-7. They went to the locker room and I’m sure every player was expecting a blast from the Coaches. But Pederson is a very smart guy. He’s a creative play caller and that’s how his former team - the Eagles upset Tommie, Lil Bill to win a Super Bowl. Well that magic in Pederson is still there. When the Eagles dumped him I really wanted the Jets to land on him. But I forgot the geniuses at the Top of the Jets airport have always been sketchy at making the right decisions over the years. I still have stomach pain from the Chris Johnson hiring of Adam Gase. Two years and a decision that will eat at us until 2030. Anyways when the 2nd half resumed the Jags still had the "kid" out on the field. Under Pederson’s smart play calling the Jags engineered one of the biggest football comebacks when they kicked a winning FC as time was running out. But the Lawrence kid was unbelievable. After 26 mins in the 1st half in doing everything he could to help the Chargers win his alter ego took over with those final 4 mins to close the half and then ripped it up in the 2nd half with successful drives and terrific passing accuracy. He threaded that ball all over the field to Jags receivers. He shook off the rush and made smart throws that kept drives moving down the field into Chargers territory. Again watching Lawrence and Purdy make smart play after smart play with effortless ease. Then I thought of 2 yrs of chaos in the Jets QB performance. Last year I could understand it and finally accept these were the growing steps to elevating the QB position and to making this team a plus .500Wpct and back into the playoffs. In that 3rd Qtr opening drive at the Seattle 7yd line Purdy drops back and is looking to the Left Corner - the middle of the End Zone - back to the Left Corner and then looks to the Right Flat. Elijah Mitchell is standing about 10 yards lAteral to Purdy and not 1 Seattle guy near him and clear sailing ahead if he gets the ball. Purdy passes the ball to Mitchell and it’s clear sailing for the opening TD of the 2nd Half. But what called out to me was Purdy’s calmness. He looked for his intended receiver, checked down, still nothing and then "oh ya" one other check down to the right side and TD. 9ers never looked back from then on. Seeing that play from various angles I return to Game 1 after the bye in NE. 3-3 game late in the 4th and Jets are faced with a 3rd and 4 to keep the sticks moving. Zack takes the snap in shot gin formation with Carter behind on the Left side. After the snap Carter moves behind Wilson and curls into the Right Flat about 2 yds shy of the line of scrimmage. There is absolutely no one covering him‼️ Wilson checks down and sees Carter but instead of throwing him the ball where a big play can be made he turns his eyes downfield again. Our receivers are pretty much blanketed. Zack looks right again and Carter is still open and is now ahead of the LOS but Wilson hesitates. The Pats rush is getting closer and Wilson is once again looking down field. Finally with the rush almost in his face Zach catches the message in his head - throw the F’ing ball to Carter and he reluctantly does for a completion. Carter catches the ball and is immediately blown up by 3 Pats that finally realized someone was unaccounted for. They tackle Carter instantly 3 yds short of a 1st down. We know how that game played out next d when our Shankar Mann booted a line drive down he left sideline with pretty much no hang time and not out of bounds as planned. Instead the Pats PR guy takes it to the house and game over. I wonder how Purdy and Lawrence would have handled that play for us???? We’ll we’ll never know but my guess is we take it all the way to the house for the win. It was an easy play but Mr Not my Fault can’t make this play work. That’s not on Lafleur or anyone on the field but Zack Wilson. That 3rd down play’s plan is simple: get the first down to keep the chains moving. How do you forget what’s needed and go to "Hero" ball and thinking I can be the guy again if I nail this 70 yd pass and run. How do you forget the Main Message in this situation. I’m more than sure he faced it in HS and College ball. We need 3-4 yds and new set of downs but you’re looking downfield 50-70 yards away…..oh and it’s "windy"….ummm just maybe the last check down guy is the answer since he’s wide open. I honestly don’t know if Wilson is a recoverable asset or just a bust. Watching the ease on how Purdy & Geno, Herbert and Lawrence threw the ball. 65 passs combined in game 1;with just 1 pick by Geno. Game 2 saw 90 combined passes and just the 4 1st half I ts by Lawrence. But his 2bd half recovery was nothing sort of amazing. I know in my heart if that was us on the field for the Chargers ZW does not recover from 4 1st half Int’s. I’m sure the 2nd half starts out just as poorly as the 1st half before he’s finally given the hook. That’s a major problem for us. So part of me is thrilled that Pederson’s Jags wonderful season will continue on with an even stronger opponent next weekend on the Road. But Trevor Lawrence learned something he already knew. Believe in yourself and keep going till the very end. That comeback by Lawrence and the Jags did two things: 1) Jags in NFL record books for Largest Comeback in Post Season play✔️ 2)with the Jags victory Chargers HC Brandon Staley will be looking for a new job buy Mnday morning if mot sooner. A lot of questionable stuff in Staley’s file but nothing tops what he did the previous week to end the regular season. In a nothing game to finish the season and the Bolts already in the #5 slot it should have been a REST Day‼️ But Stanley stuck with his 1st string players until late in the 4th also saw 3 starters injured with starvwideout Mike Williams suffering broken ribs in his back and was unable to play last nights got. Joey Bossa was hurt as well but played last night and another player was injured as well. So good luck in your next gig Mr Stanley In your next career move.✔️

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