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The Right Way, the Wrong Way, and the Woody Johnson Way

Isn’t that the wrong way? Yes, but faster.

NFL: London Games-New York Jets at Atlanta Falcons Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Jets owner Woody Johnson addressed the media on Thursday, four days after the Jets ended their 2022 season and one day after news broke that offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur would not return to the team for a third season.

It sounds like Johnson was busy in the lead up to his press conference and imposed his views on the direction of the team.

Speaking on Thursday, Johnson denied that he played a role in changes on the coaching staff and then contradicted himself in the span of one sentence.

Woody also offered his analysis on the quarterback position.

He then showed he has the pulse of the fanbase.

During Woody’s ownership there have been cycles where he has been involved with the team and cycles where he has deferred the people he hired.

Unfortunately for the Jets bad things have happened when the people he’s hired have been running things. However, worse things have happened when Woody has meddled in football matters. The team creates ill advised incentives when Woody has too much of a say.

We can hope this foray into the coaching staff is a one time deal, but past history has shown us that Woody doesn’t know what he doesn’t know, and even when he reaches the correct decision it tends to be by accident. Once he decides to interject himself, he tends to not show restraint or pick his spots wisely, We could be in for a wild ride if the owner has decided the team needs more of his input over the next year.