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A Jets Fan’s Life as a Homegater

Confessions of a fan with some odd rituals when watching the Jets from home.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at New York Jets Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

We all have our own rituals for watching the New York Jets. While it’s fun going to a game at MetLife Stadium or on the road, football above any other sport is built for TV. It’s impossible to follow everything happening on the field at a given time. All of the camera angles and replays help you take in the game.

I think my rituals are probably different from those of most others.

Before the game

If it’s a 1 p.m. game, I usually try to spend my morning relaxing. I know the nerves will be going come gametime. I’ll also be inside for most of the day so if it’s nice out I’ll go run some errands or just get some exercise. It’s tough to believe, but there actually are things in my life I need to take care of during my free time.

If the Jets are playing in the late afternoon window, I try to enjoy the early games. It feels stress-free watching other teams play unless it’s a late season game where the outcome impacts the Jets.

As game time gets closer, I’ll check on GGN. I used to be a big pregame show watcher, but I don’t think I really need it anymore to get the relevant information before the game so I’ll find a good show on a streaming service to watch.

I also might cook up a good meal before the game.

During the game

I’ll usually have my meal as the game starts. I have two TVs in my living room. The primary TV will be on the Jets game. I’ll turn on whatever game interests me the most on the second TV. I’ll barely watch it, though, mainly glancing during commercials. The second game is usually another AFC East team. If it’s late season and the Jets are in the Playoff race, it will be whatever game is most relevant. In October, sometimes it’s baseball.

The Jets have my primary focus, though. I like to alternate between sitting and standing during the games. I like to have a spot to pace or celebrate when something goes right. Of course I’m usually checking the game thread here, but that goes away in a key moment where I really want to focus.

Since people’s feeds of the game all come in at different speeds, some people might spoil a play before I see it on my TV. Sometimes that’s a positive. It can tell me where to focus before the play begins, but when the game is on the line I don’t want spoilers so I step away.

After the game

Usually I like to watch the next set of games. I’ll take a few hours to gather my thoughts and calm down after the Jets game. It’s easy to get mad at a particular player whose performance was poor in a loss, but I don’t want to be unfair to anybody. When the Jets lose, there usually are more than a handful of people to blame.

Of course winning recaps are far easier to write. I’m less worried about giving somebody too much credit after success than I am too much blame after failure. Of course anything I write is a preliminary evaluation until I have time to review the all 22 film during the week.

It’s easier to enjoy games with other teams after a win. Normally I will watch the next set of games, although after a particularly bad Jets loss I sometimes just want to get away from football for a bit.

Then it’s time to come here and write my game recap.

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