Jackson and Allen turn Ravens-Bills into a celebrity-studded event.


In 2018, Lamar Jackson was selected relatively late in the first round. Although Josh Allen was picked earlier than the other quarterbacks that year, he may have been seen as the highest danger. The skeptics have been more silent. Allen remarked, "I believe it's as easy as we're doing what's expected of us. "There were many various ideas and viewpoints regarding both of us after the draft. We're just looking for strategies to support the football victories of our squad. He performs it as well as anyone in the league, too. On Sunday in Baltimore, when Allen and the Buffalo Bills take on Jackson and the Ravens, they'll undoubtedly be more worried than they were four years ago about the draft. It serves as a reminder, though, that predicting a quarterback's career is not an exact science given how these two have developed into superstars. It's simple to understand why Allen and Jackson would have a healthy appreciation for one another. Jackson said, "There can't be any hanging around and anything like that because he's in Buffalo and I'm over here in Baltimore. But when we see one another, we act respectfully toward one another.