GGN Thread About Nothing: Reboot Edition (aka: Let's not talk about the Jets)

Been a while since we've had a TAN. This may just end up sitting here unused, but I figured i'd give it a try. Build it and see if they come, and all that.

Here are some random non-Jets prompts, for old TANners and new.

1- How's life? (outside of being miserable watching the jets)

2- How's the family? (aside from tired of hearing you complain about the jets)

3- Have any fun plans coming up? ( aside from switching allegiances away from the jets, this time you'll do it, you swear)

Here are the old TAN rules, as listed by one of our gentle overlords. They are still the rules.

1) No politics, no personal attacks, no excessive swearing, no porn, no graphic violence/ gore.

2) If I or any other moderators or editors ask you to drop something, just let it go. Please don’t argue. It won’t end well.

3) If there is a problem email and we’ll try to work things out

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