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Podcast: Overreaction Week

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at New York Jets Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Overreaction Week in the NFL.

Half of the fanbases in the league are really pumped now. Their team is 1-0. The other half are miserable. Their team lost the opener. The season seems hopeless.

For the fourth straight year, Jets fans are in the latter group. Sunday’s loss to Baltimore got the 2022 season off to a poor start. The overreactions are in full force.

Of course saying something is an overreaction doesn’t necessarily equate to it being false. You can’t say the season is over after one loss. That doesn’t mean every team that lost is necessarily going to be successful this year. It just means we don’t have enough data to make a definitive statement yet.

On today’s podcast I take a number of statements about the Jets and offer my take on whether they are overreactions.

Thanks for listening and/or watching.