Jets defensive line vs Ravens offensive line

The NFL is a matchup based league. Figuring out the advantages and disadvantages and trying to exploit them. I think the Jets defensive line vs the Ravens offensive line could be one of them. As we are all well aware, Joe Douglas has invested a ton of resources into the front 7. One of the most expensive in the NFL if i'm not mistaken. That position group is clearly a strength of this team. The Ravens offensive line is less than stellar. According to PFF, the Ravens had the 21st ranked offensive line in 2021. Rookie center Tyler Linderbaum is a great prospect. Maybe even generational. However, he missed a large portion of the summer due to a foot injury. He lost out on plenty of valuable reps. He only played 9 snaps all preseason, so he's had very little exposure to "real" NFL football games. Rookie offensive lineman generally struggle as it is. This being his very first NFL game, there will likely be immediate growing pains. Ronnie Stanley is one of the best offensive lineman in football, but has barely played the last 2 years and is not expected to play week 1 against the Jets, which is an enormous loss for the Ravens. His replacement is Ju'juan James, who has not played since 2019, a year he only played 3 games. He is also coming off a torn achilles and moving from RT to LT. Morgan Moses and Kevin Zeitler are both solid, average starters in their age 31 and 32 season. The last starter at guard is Ben Powers. He's a below average guard.

For a team that relies on running as much as the Ravens do, this offensive line appears to be mediocre. On paper, the Jets have a significant advantage here. Making Lamar uncomfortable must be a big priority if the Jets want to have any chance of winning. If the Jets defensive line struggles or is even simply average in this game, that would be extremely concerning, considering this appears to be one of the more favorable matchups they will have this year.

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